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In the rapidly changing world in which we live, attention to sustainability and the environment has become a priority. In our company we started to apply sustainability back in 1992. 

Have you ever thought what professionals mostly look for?

We did, and we worked hard to study and conceive a product that answers to this question, creating a line of products that is not only environmentally friendly, but also highly functional, because breathable, lightweight, comfortable and at zero ironing. We found the solution to their needs 10 years ago, introducing a specific line in our global offer able to turn plastic bottles into breathable, lightweight, and no-iron scrubs. This line is now updated with even better technical characteristics and it is called NEWLIFE.

From ever, Our philosophy puts our customers' health and needs, together with the environment first by using non-allergenic and biodegradable substances.  

Therefore, Pastelli offer not only natural and incredibly long-lasting cottons but also innovative fabrics like the NEWLIFE line, that with 140 recycled plastic bottles per garment contributes significantly to the cleanliness of our environment. 

Our products in PET are not only environmentally friendly, but also highly functional. PET fiber is breathable and lightweight, almost like a natural fiber, may be washed at very high temperature without losing its shape.  The special weave makes them comfortable; the feel is that of a stretchy fiber, and the comfortable feel is such that it will feel like you are not wearing them. They are lightweight and also require zero ironing! In fact, the shape remains intact, does not wrinkle, and dries quickly. This is a material is the perfect ally for those who appreciate the benefits of a low-maintenance garment.

Another feature of NEWLIFE articles is durability: these products are indestructible, being able to be worn daily and retaining their characteristics for years.

To offer them to your client will make the difference.
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