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Machan International Co.Ltd - BAILIDA: Pioneering Excellence in EU-MDR Healthcare Solutions
Posted on 16.1.2024

Elevate healthcare standards with BAILIDA, a distinguished industry leader boasting decades of expertise. Our MDR-compliant medical solutions, including medical carts, medical privacy screens, and cabinets, reflect our unwavering commitment to innovation. Choose BAILIDA for top-tier quality and unparalleled healthcare solutions, exclusively crafted to meet the evolving needs of healthcare professionals. With advanced manufacturing, decades of experience, and steadfast consistency, BAILIDA is your reliable business partner, ensuring prompt deliveries and tailored solutions. Experience comprehensive service and support, encompassing product details, technical assistance, warranty, training, and more. BAILIDA's extensive range of medical products, from trolleys to screens, caters to healthcare professionals in any medical environment. Trust BAILIDA for certified excellence in healthcare innovation, redefining the future of healthcare with precision and commitment. Furthermore, to ensure swift delivery, BAILIDA operates an EU Shipping Center situated in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Visit us at: Arab Health 2024, Hall Z1, Booth E31

General Medical Merate (GMM) - OPERA Revolution - New RF Remote Controlled Table
Posted on 16.1.2024

Opera Revolution is the result of technological and ergonomic innovation and it is the newest addition to the Opera systems family, best-seller among remote controlled tables. Accessibility for the operator and for the patient is facilitated thanks to the new elevation system, which reduces the distance from the floor. This ensures easy and safe access also to elderly patients or patients with reduced mobility. Through a user-friendly interface and fast workflow, the imaging system of the Opera Revolution offers a fully-integrated solution for high image quality with minimal dose. This makes the Opera Revolution a guarantee for complete functionality and excellent image quality in both specialized and routine examinations. Opera Revolution can also be combined with advanced algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence that help in the detection of pulmonary and musculoskeletal pathologies, as well as in the input of measurements of the spine, legs and foot in a few seconds. Visit us at: Arab Health 2024, Booth S1.F58 - ECR 2024 Booth 224

SW Safety Solutions Inc.
Posted on 16.1.2024

SW Sustainability Solutions, a leading provider of sustainable hand protection, is proud to announce that it has achieved B Corp Certification. This designation signifies SW Sustainability Solutions’ commitment to environmental responsibility, high standards of verified social performance, accountability, and transparency. SW Sustainability Solutions is a company with a strong commitment to sustainability at the core of its mission. As a leading provider of sustainable hand protection, they leverage innovation to provide high-performance products that not only protect users but also contribute to a healthier planet. The company’s dedication to sustainability extends to its business model, operations, structure, and work processes. By achieving B Corp Certification, SW Sustainability Solutions now stands among leaders in the movement for economic systems change. B Corps build trust with consumers, communities, and suppliers, attract, and retain employees who share their mission. The certification also reflects their commitment to continuous improvement.  Visit us at: Arab Health 2024, Hall H1, Booth C31  

J.D. Honigberg International Inc. - The Best in Hospital Carts: A-SMART CARTS®!
Posted on 16.1.2024

All A-SMART® Carts are manufactured in USA to ISO 9001:2000 certifieed standards with a 5 years warranty. Full-size A-SMART® Carts are available in aluminum or steel and with key lock or digital lock or break-away lock. They feature many cart and drawer sizes, double side-wall construction, stabilizing frame with bumper, soft grip handles, swivel 13 cm casters (two locking, one tracking), and hundreds of optional accessories. On the A-SMART® Premier Aluminum Carts, accessories can be interchanged at any time in a few seconds. Armstrong Medical carts are present in the most prestigious healthcare facilities in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and the Pacific.

IMS Giotto S.p.A. - Giotto Class S - Productivity combining quality and confidence in the breast care
Posted on 16.1.2024

    Giotto Class S is a versatile system that can be be configured for 2D or/ and 3D breast tomosynthesis imaging choosing between different options, accessories and advanced interventional applications like high-precision tomo-guided biopsy or contrast enhanced spectral mammography. It features a unique, particularly ergonomic design which ensures patient comfort and user-friendliness for the operator. The C-arm stand enables a wide freedom of inclination: it can be tilted downwards and upwards to maximize patient comfort and breast positioning. The system is easy to use and fits small places offering high throughput thanks to the increased speed of gantry’s movement and positioning. IMS Giotto is a company of GMM Group.   Visit us at: Arab Health 2024, Booth S1.F58 - ECR 2024 Booth 224  

J.D. Honigberg International Inc. - Wearever®: Reusable Incontinence underwear is better than disposable diapers!
Posted on 9.10.2023

Wearever® offers great advantages versus other incontinence underwear or diapers and is environmentally friendly. MORE STYLISH. Wearever incontinence underwear is more stylish & discreet to wear than bulky adult diapers. MORE COMFORTABLE. Wearever woven underwear is breathable, enhancing skin care. Its seamless cotton and polyester fabric are very soft with a smooth feeling unlike adult diapers which cause skin rashes. LARGEST ABSORBENCY CAPACITY IN THE INDUSTRY. Choice of Light, Moderate or Large absorbency capacity up to 600 ml. EASIER TO WEAR. Wearever underwear has no fixation tape or straps unlike diapers. Just slip on Wearever underwear like normal underwear. MORE CHOICE. Wearever incontinence underwear comes in many styles and colors. MORE ECONOMICAL. Wearever reusable underwear is washable over 200 times. People using Wearever underwear save money unlike people wearing disposable underwear who spend money every time they throw away single use adult diapers. DISTRIBUTION OPPORTUNITY. High value repeat business, quick sales growth!

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