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Laboratoire Huckert’s International Sprl - INFECTIOUS RISK CONTROL: OUR EXPERTISE SINCE 1957
Posted on 26.9.2022
Belgian family business founded in 1957, Huckert's International Laboratory produces and develops two premium brands: - UMONIUM38®, high-level disinfectants. - PHYTOGEL By HUCKERT'S®, dermatological solutions with plant-based formulas. As part of an ECO-RESPONSIBLE approach, our laboratory is committed to marketing products that are risk-free for the operator, the patient, the equipment and the environment. This is why we are present in various sectors of activity such as the medical sector (hospitals, doctors, gynaecologists, dentists, veterinarians, etc.), community  (daycare, retirement homes, medical and social centres, etc.), the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, research laboratories, emergency services, etc. Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, we guarantee perfect traceability and reproducibility of our products. Demands, reliability, safety, we protect the most precious thing of all: life. Visit us at: MEDICA 2022, Hall 11, Booth F71
Italray - ITALRAY: Your X-ray Solution!
Posted on 26.9.2022
Italray is an Italian company that designs, manufactures and sells digital x-ray systems all over the world, combining innovation and tradition since 1974 to offer its customers a wide range of reliable and competitive 100% MADE IN ITALY products.  Italray provides Solutions for the main areas of radiology: Radiology departments, wards, Emergency Room, Hospitals and Private Clinics. Italray’s core business is strongly focused on Digital X-ray Imaging: from DR Mobile to Digital Radiographic and Radio-Fluoro Rooms, Digital Mammographs with Tomosynthesis and C-Arms with Flat-Panel detectors.  Italray’s R&D department has always employed highly qualified staff, for a combined and synergic work of mechanical / software / firmware design. Italray takes care of the whole process from product design to the placing on market, with guarantee of innovation and reliability. ITALRAY is now present in more than 70 countries worldwide with thousands of installations, and Italray’s distribution network is growing every day! Visit us at MEDICA 2022: Hall 10 - Booth B73
Ibis Srl
Posted on 26.9.2022
IBIS is an Italian manufacturer of medical equipment that has been operating on the world market for over twenty years. We are specialised in the design and manufacture of medical X-ray equipment dedicated to Human and Veterinary Medicine. We have developed diagnostic lines and X-ray equipment suitable for both on-site installation in medical and veterinary practices and for on-the-go use, to ensure fast, safe and truly helpful actions for experts and patients. IBIS works with worldwide distributors to whom it offers highly reliable solutions and therefore able to maintain the high-quality standards required by their customers. The relationship with its dealers is based, in addition to mutual trust, on the technical support that is provided. High-performance and highly cost-effective devices for Human and Veterinary Medicine, designed to simplify diagnostic processes and better manage emergency situations. The vision of IBIS? A technology truly at the service of health, be it human or animal. We know that, to achieve this goal, designers and manufacturers of medical equipment must be able to identify the real needs of health specialists: portability, ergonomics, multifunctionality, safety, reliability, ease of use. IBIS keeps all its promises, both when it comes to product performance and reliability, and in terms of service quality. All IBIS products meet these needs, and their value is immediately perceivable by both the retailer and the medical or veterinary professional.
I.M.D. Generators - I.M.D. Generators, Passion for X-ray
Posted on 26.9.2022
Let’s change, not to betray what we have been, but to tell better what we will be.  Today flexibility, speed, and relational skills are increasingly important for companies to grow.  Protecting the know-how and corporate identity are crucial actions. In this new framework corporate communication must be open to evolution, that’s why we decided to renew our logo and corporate image.  We are an Italian company, with a 30-year story of recognised technological competence into the medical and veterinary industry.  We design and produce customised X-ray Monoblocs and Generators with related Electronics. Our Monoblocs reach up to 40kW and we have a patent pending regarding a 50kW and 150kV Monobloc.  We offer one of the widest and highest power ranges on the market, suitable for different application such as C-Arm, Mobile, CBCT, Bone Densitometry, Mammography and Rad Room. Meet us at: Medica and RSNA
Villa Sistemi Medicali - Villa presents the new Armonicus 2.0
Posted on 26.9.2022
The new Armonicus 2.0 represents the best U-arm solution by Villa: a modern and efficient system integrating all our knowledge on DR products and providing its effectiveness for all radiology departments.  Featuring a redesigned stand with extensible U-arm, Armonicus 2.0 now can be chosen with integrated or Wi-Fi flat panel detectors and can be customized in all its principal parts, with an extensive offer of generators, collimators and X-ray tubes. As long as user-friendliness and patient safety are our top priorities, Armonicus 2.0 features a simplified user interface based on a big touch screen with multi-functional activation buttons, while an advanced AEC system grants the delivery of an appropriate dose to any patient. Moreover, it can now automatically perform in sequence exposures, stiching them together for fast and effortless execution of full leg and full spine examinations. Armonicus 2.0 can be easily installed even in narrow spaces thanks to its unique design. Visit us at: SIRM Congress Rome, Booth 25-26 - Medica 2022, Booth 10E49
Technix Spa - QUANTIC - The diagnostics of the future is now a reality
Posted on 26.9.2022
Quantic is an advanced DR fluoroscopic equipment design to satisfy the flexibility requests of the applications allowing doctors to care with ease, precision and flexibility. The full motorized C-arm assures possibility to work with FPD above and below the combined table with which it has synchronized movements. By an innovative DR software, in only one system are suitable all the examinations in radioscopy, radiography and diagnosis oriented such as traumatology, pediatrics, interventional application, operating theater, respiratory system, gastroenterology, skeletal structure, electrophysiology studies, angiographic procedures, vascular surgery, endovascular applications, neuroradiology. In particular, the isocentricity of the C-arm motorized movement is design for the 3D reconstruction of the spine and lower limbs. The strength of the system is achieved thanks to the integration of fluoroscopy and radiography in one system with a user-friendly interface. Visit us at: ECR 2022, Booth 223, Hall Expo X2  
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