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J.D. Honigberg International Inc. - Wearever®: Reusable Incontinence underwear is better than disposable diapers!
Posted on 9.10.2023

Wearever® offers great advantages versus other incontinence underwear or diapers and is environmentally friendly. MORE STYLISH. Wearever incontinence underwear is more stylish & discreet to wear than bulky adult diapers. MORE COMFORTABLE. Wearever woven underwear is breathable, enhancing skin care. Its seamless cotton and polyester fabric are very soft with a smooth feeling unlike adult diapers which cause skin rashes. LARGEST ABSORBENCY CAPACITY IN THE INDUSTRY. Choice of Light, Moderate or Large absorbency capacity up to 600 ml. EASIER TO WEAR. Wearever underwear has no fixation tape or straps unlike diapers. Just slip on Wearever underwear like normal underwear. MORE CHOICE. Wearever incontinence underwear comes in many styles and colors. MORE ECONOMICAL. Wearever reusable underwear is washable over 200 times. People using Wearever underwear save money unlike people wearing disposable underwear who spend money every time they throw away single use adult diapers. DISTRIBUTION OPPORTUNITY. High value repeat business, quick sales growth! Visit us at: Medica 2023, Hall 16, Booth G28-7

SW Safety Solutions Inc. - Revolutionary Sweat Management!
Posted on 9.10.2023

SW Sustainability Solutions is revolutionizing disposable gloves with its PowerForm line of exam gloves.  The PF-95BL features Dry Core® Moisture Management Technology which pulls sweat away from the skin leaving the hands drier.  With multi-layer construction these gloves offer advanced strength while maintaining superior sensitivity and dexterity.  The fully textured surface provides superior grip in wet environments.  On top of these features the glove is also formulated with SW’s EcoTek® Biodegradable Technology which accelerates landfill breakdown without any performance loss.  If you are looking for something revolutionary when utilizing single use gloves then try to PF-95BL today.  Visit us at: Medica 2023, Hall 5, Booth H 28

Forumed SL - ORYGEN DUAL- Breathing Muscle Trainer Valve
Posted on 9.10.2023

Strength your respiratory muscles to improve breathing and performance in multiple sports. Improves inspiratory and expiratory muscles allowing you to adjust the levels independently. Low cost portable trainer easy to use that provides breathing settings from 0cmH20 to 80cmH2O with level adjustments of 10cmH2O. It could be useful for patients who suffer or are recovering from: COVID-19, COPD, Asthma, Stroke, Parkinson or Dysphagia. Recommended Usage Frequency: 4 or 5 days a week, twice daily When to use: Morning and Night Training method: Start of program: 3 series of 10 reps morning and evening Once comfortable, increase to 3 series of 20 reps morning and evening Advance usage: 3 series of 10 reps morning and evening. The use of the valve is recommended daily, but results can be obtained as a little of 4 days a week.

Posted on 9.10.2023

UTILITÀ SRL is a company founded in 1992 which works in the mechanical field by offering micro-machining processes in several sectors: - Medical technology - Dental implantology - Optics - jewelry industry - space & defence  Since day one UTILITA' SRL stands for quality and reliability thanks to its high-tech machinery and tools which are constantly updated to meet even the most demanding client’s needs and thanks to its TÜV Certifications (ISO13485, ISO 9001, ISO9100). Visit us at: MECSPE 6-8 March 2024

Pierrel Spa - Ubigel Inperio a non-surgical solution for periodontitis therapy
Posted on 9.10.2023

Ubigel Inperio restores and regenerates the oral mucosa offering a non-surgical solution for periodontitis therapy. Periodontitis It is a very widespread and disabling disease that impacts 19% in people over the age of 15, representing over 1 billion cases worldwide. Non-surgical therapy is considered the gold standard for the initial treatment of inflammatory periodontal disease.  Ubigel Inperio contains two gels in one product with double action: one with a filling function of the periodontal pockets, favoring tissues repair and the other with fixative function, avoiding the spreading action of saliva. Ubigel Inperio is the first periodontal gel based on spermidine which is a physiological component of the tissues of the human body Its deficiency causes inflammatory events, with the capacity to promote the trophic effect and regeneration of tissues. Ubigel inperio is an innovative medical device (class IIA) within the periodontitis product segment and it enriches the Pierrel product line. VISIT US AT MEDICAHall 15 - Booth F38-4  

Spectra Medical Devices, LLC - Leading Edge Medical Devices
Posted on 9.10.2023

Spectra Medical Devices, Inc., a leading manufacturer of radiofrequency needles over the last 15 years, is supplying clinicians with millions of RF needles worldwide. We offer the largest variety of gauges, lengths, active tips, echogenic and lubricated RF needles in the industry in compliance with cGMP/QSR regulations. Our RF needle incorporates a tapered, double heatsealed insulation to minimize patient trauma and increase ease of advancement. Along with our extensive variety of RF needles, Spectra prides itself on the quality of our products, customer service and short lead times. Since 1995, Spectra Medical Devices, Inc. has been the world-leading manufacturer of pain management needles. Spectra's five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities supply the world's largest procedural kit manufacturers, hospitals, care facilities, and individual clinicians around the world. Spectra needles are available with our industry-leading Spectra Guide® echogenic properties for clear imaging and accurate positioning.  

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